Are You a Freelance Writer Struggling to Find Amazing Clients?

What if you had an endless stream of ridiculously cool clients who:

  • Paid you what you DESERVE (that's $150+/h, by the way)
  • CHASE you for work and not the other way around?
  • Treat you like a TRUSTED ALLY and PROFESSIONAL?

Sound good? Get on a 30-minute coaching call with me and we'll figure out the first steps you need to find your first amazing client!

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I felt like the little guy at the bottom of the ladder...

Before working with Jay, I felt like the little guy at the bottom of the ladder who was going to have to fight my way up for years before meeting my business goals. Now, I am more confident in being crystal clear about who I want to work with and what the value is I provide.

I was really struggling to get past the lack of confidence and negative attachment to money I was used to. This resulted in me accepting work and clients that weren’t ideal. Once I started getting Jay’s help to focus on the right audience, my business began taking off.

Jay doesn’t just give you a quick response to give you some useless advice, but really takes the time to analyze what the underlying issue is and suggests strategies to promote success. I highly recommend setting up a consultation with him.

Amber Brooks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: WAIT! Do I need a huge Facebook or Twitter account for this to work?

A: Absolutely not. You don't even need a website to make this work.

Q: WAIT! Is this one of those things where I need to work for 6 months before getting any results?

A: No. I'm an impatient guy and I want my results immediately. Using my method, you'll get your first client in a matter of weeks or days.

Q: WAIT! Are you going to make me spend thousands on paid advertising?

A: No. I don't like to spend money on finding clients, and neither should you. All you need is energy and the will to change!

It's time to start ENJOYING your business.

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